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We are Pineapple Daddy & the Coconuts. Our purpose is to provide ukulele love and enthusiasm to our loyal fans. To live the dream and become part of Pineapple Daddy Nation, scroll down and join the fan club!

We are not professional musicians, just regular people who enjoy making music and having a blast doing it. 

Seriously, we'll play just about anywhere: barns, birthday bashes, busses, boats, campgrounds, funerals, garages, assisted living facilities, holidays get togethers, backyards, weddings, and more. 


What's Shakin'?


was a huge success thanks to Pineapple Daddy Nation. Seriously, we love you!

Watch for performance schedules and a chance to win one of our 2019 Tour t-shirts. 

We are just beginning to book events for 2020. 

Contact Pineapple Daddy if you'd like to order some swag.


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