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Pineapple Daddy

Rob Hinrichs,
A.K.A. Pineapple Daddy

The big kahuna and our fearless leader. 

Rob plays every ukulele from the baritone (a vintage, and well loved gift from his favorite sister) to the sopranissimo. It's hard to say how many ukulele's is too many? Or if it's okay to have a ukulele in every room of your house?


Larry the CocoBot

Larry Bots rocks the U-bass and is the back bone of the group. Mr. Bots is a seasoned musician and was the lead man for Noize in the Attic (a Milwaukee-based rock/bar band) in the 90s. A little known fact is that Larry actually had a toy ukulele in 1956

Susie Weber,
Coconut Queen

Finds playing the ukulele to be very entertaining! The banjolele was a fun addition to her collection of ukes. Susie is learning to play U-bass and wears a t-shirt that says “Ukulele Queen” – enough said!


Laura Holmes,
Honorary Coconut

Laura is dedicated to learning to play and she's continues to inspire others. While she can't always make practice – Laura likes to travel – she adds a lot to the group. In the photo below you'll see Laura sharing some ukulele love in Mexico on a mission trip!

About the Band: News & Updates
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